Thanksgiving Thanks

Posted by Chris Morrison on Nov 22, 2017

As we prepare our homes for the upcoming holidays, with Thanksgiving upon us, we want to take this opportunity to give thanks to each of you; our current clients, potential clients or those of you just stopping by. It’s easy…

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What Does It Take to Sell a Luxury Home?

Posted by Chris Morrison on Nov 21, 2017

In a seller’s market it doesn’t take too much to sell a home as long as both seller and real estate agent are putting their best efforts forward, however when it comes to luxury homes the market is a little…

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5 Things to Do to Prepare Your Home for Fall and Winter Pests

Posted by Chris Morrison on Nov 14, 2017

As the temperatures start to drop you’re not the only one trying to keep warm.  When it gets cold outside, insects, rodents, and other unpleasant or unsanitary beasts want to come into your home to find warmth, these pesky pests…

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Black Friday Frenzy

Posted by Chris Morrison on Nov 12, 2017

It started the day after Halloween; no I’m not talking about the early holiday music or holiday decorations and holiday music playing at the retail stores, although, that is taking place as well.  I’m talking about all of the hype…

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Holiday Overspending, Don’t Do It!

Posted by Chris Morrison on Nov 06, 2017

This post was inspired by a Facebook post by an acquaintance who proudly posted that she was completed with her holiday shopping.  I quickly did a double take at the calendar and noted that it was only November 6th, and…

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What Are the Most Famous Buildings in Phoenix?

Posted by Chris Morrison on Nov 04, 2017

Take a trip around town to explore Phoenix’s architectural history. Due to Phoenix’s expansive sprawl, you might have to drive a bit to explore, but the city and its surrounding areas are filled with a variety of different types of…

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The Food Truck Scene in Phoenix

Posted by Chris Morrison on Nov 01, 2017

With food options from all over the globe, food trucks serve up amazing food. With offerings from Thai to Hawaiian to Mexican food, there’s nothing better on a beautiful Arizona night than grabbing a quick bite to eat at one…

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9 Spine-Chilling Spots in Phoenix

Posted by Chris Morrison on Oct 26, 2017

This fall, do some ghost-busting of your own with this list of 9 spine-chilling spots that might make you might want to sleep with the light on. Skip the corn mazes, plastic skeletons and eerie music and go right for…

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Are You at Risk of a Home Invasion?

Posted by Chris Morrison on Oct 21, 2017

Owning a home is fulfilling in so many ways, but so are the worries of homeownership.  Maintenance and upkeep, mortgage payments, homeowners insurance and often times the fear that someone might break into your home and take everything you’ve worked…

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Hiking Around Phoenix

Posted by Chris Morrison on Oct 18, 2017

Phoenix is ranked as one of the best hiking cities in America by National Geographic. Within the Phoenix city limit, there are countless summit views that will take your breath away.  The city offers some of the most picturesque streams,…

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