Seniors on the Move

Posted by Chris Morrison on Sep 20, 2017

Seniors are a key market for major cities.  The demographic holds power over politics, economics, and city planning.  Many big cities anticipate seniors, the generation known as the Baby Boomer generation who are now over the age of 55 and…

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Have you Outgrown Your Home?

Posted by Chris Morrison on Sep 18, 2017

It’s not as common as it once was to stay in a home for your entire lifetime.  People buy “starter” homes, then they buy homes that are meant to raise their families in, and then when they are empty nesters…

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How Do You Attract a Buyer For a Luxury Property

Posted by Chris Morrison on Sep 16, 2017

When it comes to selling luxury houses, open houses alone are not going to cut it.  Luxury homes attract a different set of buyers, often time’s affluent, out-of-town individuals and families.  These folks require high-end marketing strategies, teams of individuals…

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Home Sale Sabotage – Bad Neighbors

Posted by Chris Morrison on Sep 11, 2017

It was Robert Frost who said, “Good fences make good neighbors,” but what happens when it’s time to sell your home and the neighbors are less than perfect? Everyone wishes they had the ‘perfect family’ living next door, but let’s…

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Prepare your Taste Buds for Arizona Restaurant Week

Posted by Chris Morrison on Sep 07, 2017

Join Arizona Restaurant Week and participate in “Celebrating a Decade of Delicious” September 15-24th with participating restaurants from all over the state. The twice-yearly event produced by the Arizona Restaurant Association allows restaurateurs the freedom to come up with a…

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10 Ways to Prevent Moisture and Flooding in your Arizona Home

Posted by Chris Morrison on Sep 05, 2017

The devastation of Hurricane Harvey and the tragedy that many families are being forced to deal with is also causing other homeowners to question the safety in their own homes. In the face of a natural disaster such as a…

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What Safety Procedures Should I Follow When Selling My Home?

Posted by Chris Morrison on Sep 03, 2017

When you start to prepare your home for sale there is a list of things you must do a mile long.  Your mind is preoccupied with thoughts of finding the right real estate agent, how to price your home correctly,…

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Housing Trends in a Scarce Market

Posted by Chris Morrison on Aug 30, 2017

It’s no secret that Arizona home prices are on the rise and housing inventory is scarce. Many homebuyers in Arizona are cash-strapped and weary from searching, which can create problems for sellers who aren’t aware of current market trends. Meanwhile,…

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Flipping Luxury Homes

Posted by Chris Morrison on Aug 29, 2017

The process of flipping a house starts with buying a home below market price, renovating it, and then re-selling it for a quick profit. Today we are focusing strictly on high-end properties, in nice neighborhoods with the potential for higher…

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Preparing to Buy a Luxury Home

Posted by Chris Morrison on Aug 25, 2017

The home buying process is complex and often times a tricky endeavor.  When buying a luxury home, do not assume the process will resemble that of lower-priced homes, just magnified. While the buying process has its similarities with your average…

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