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56th St. Improvement Project

The drive down 56th St. in Arcadia is a pretty one with views of Camelback Mountain views and beautiful homes. Now, the city is going to make this Arcadia street just as enjoyable for pedestrians and bicyclists.

The 1.5 mile stretch along 56th St. from Camelback to Thomas will get a makeover. The build out includes includes new 12 foot wide multi use paths, raised medians and intersections and more street lighting. The areas along Veritas Prep and near Lafayette and Exeter will also get landscape buffers separate the street from the new path for added safety.

Full design is still in the planning stages, but construction on he project is starting in 2025. The first phase will extend North of Indian School to Camelback, and the second from Indian School to Thomas Road.

This is just another way Arcadia is leaning into the urban lifestyle and I think every resident is here for it.

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