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A Cold Treat for the Arcadia Heat!

Arcadia's newest ice cream shop is open just in time for summer! Stop in for a cold treat! Located in the Safeway Center at 4730 E Indian School Rd.

My wife and I opened Scooptacular in Laveen in May 2010. We saw a need for a family-friendly destination. At the time several businesses were closing along with several families leaving the area. I love to eat and love my kids! At the time we had 1 daughter and were expecting our second child. I wanted a place where I could do daddy-daughter dates and just be a light to our community.  A place where people could step away from the stresses of life and just take a break. 

We saw in December 2009 that a national chain had closed its doors. Out of curiosity, we called the landlord, and that started a snowball effect. We had never worked in ice cream before and didn't know anything about making it either! I graduated with my Masters in March, April 4 our second daughter was born and we opened our doors May 4! It was a whirlwind. We decided to make our ice cream as a way to differentiate ourselves. 

Our very first creation was the Laveen Concrete mix, a caramel-based ice cream with caramel swirls, graham crumbs, and chocolate crunch. It has become one of our best sellers!!!

Our employees are our lifeblood, without them, there is no Scooptacular. We want to equip our crew to be leaders and people of change as they move on from us. We have instituted a book reading policy, a weekly gratitude sharing, work on financial literacy, and teaching life skills in how they engage with our customers. 

Our goal was to really get into the community and make a positive impact as well. We started working with our local schools by doing various fundraisers and school nights. Providing free cone cards for positive student incentives. We also have done various fundraisers and sponsorships with local athletic programs and churches. 

Over the years our brand has grown. We supply several valley restaurants with ice cream, local ice cream shops and serve at one of Phoenix's professional stadiums. 

We've wanted to expand and have waited for the right spot to come up.

In 2023 Arcadia came into our sights and we were excited to join this community. We saw that there were limited ice cream options nearby. Staying true to our goals, we want to bring amazing ice cream to the area and serve it with excellence. We are sponsors of Arcadia Little League, and are working with the local schools to set up partnerships. 

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