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Arcadia Restaurant Week

Arizona Restaurant Week is finally here, running until September 17, and I am thrilled to share my favorite picks in the charming neighborhood of Arcadia:

First and foremost, for an exceptional date night experience, Buck & Rider stands out effortlessly with its impeccable vibes, delicious food, expertly crafted drinks, and top-notch service. What truly delighted me was that they included their renowned fresh fish selection in their menu. I highly recommend indulging in one of their delectable fresh fish dishes, particularly the one served with their tangy lemon burre blanc sauce and seasonal vegetable.

If you're in search of a delightful brunch spot to gather with friends, Arcadia Farms is a definite must-visit. With a wonderful patio that allows you to relish in the (slightly) cooler temperatures, this charming eatery offers a great atmosphere for a leisurely brunch. What's more, their restaurant week menu includes a delectable dessert, and who am I to resist a delightful sweet treat on an afternoon outing?

When it comes to a family dinner that pleases both adults and kids, Doughbird always hits the mark. We frequently visit this establishment as it consistently delivers fantastic food and impeccable service, regardless of whether we're sitting at the bar, inside, or on the patio. Don't miss out on their delectable Cast Iron Shishito Peppers, which are conveniently included on the restaurant week menu. Be sure to dip these perfectly cooked peppers into their to-die-for sauce for an explosion of flavors.

For a comprehensive list of all the participating restaurants, click here:

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