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Arcadia's Milk by Mom: Revolutionizing Infant Nutrition with Breast Milk Freeze-Drying

I'm thrilled to introduce you to a local business rooted in Arcadia, one that was born out of the determination and ingenuity of a dedicated mother. Allow me to introduce Tirza Jova, a mother of two, or should I say three, if we count her buisness born in 2022: Milk by Mom.

This innovative venture specializes in breast milk freeze-drying services, with a mission to modernize the way we nourish breastfed infants, offering the convenience and flexibility of formula while preserving all the invaluable benefits of breast milk. The genesis of this enterprise can be traced back to Tirza's own experiences as a working mother in the corporate world, facing the intricate balancing act of maintaining a career while providing nourishment for her two daughters. It was during this period that she stumbled upon the concept of breast milk freeze-drying as a cutting-edge alternative to conventional breast milk storage and transportation. The convenience and nutritional superiority of this method were nothing short of astounding. Freeze-drying breast milk emerged as a superior solution for preserving vital nutrients and antibodies while ensuring its shelf-stability for an impressive three-year duration.

I’ve spoken with many moms throughout the Arcadia community, it is clear that Milk by Mom was modernizing the way they approached travel with their infants. This remarkable service has drastically simplified and reduced the stress associated with carrying breast milk, making it as effortless as transporting formula.

You can find Milk by Mom conveniently located at 3835 N 32nd St. #2, Phoenix, AZ 85018. For more details and inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact them at 480.906.6100 or visit their website at

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