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Arcadia's Wallpaper Queen

Updated: May 21

The Mulberry Project is an Arcadia-based wallpaper business that offers a boutique collection of specialty wallpaper with design and installation services.

The Mulberry Project was inspired by founder Heather Cohen’s love for patterns, textures and pops of color that bring joy to the spaces where she spends her time with family and friends. Heather handpicks lines designed by artists from around the world, curating a unique collection of boutique wallpaper.

The concept has been an exciting work in progress since 2008 when Heather moved onto Mulberry Street with her husband and four kids. When she first stepped foot into their new home, it was love at first sight. After meeting her fun and creative neighbors, she knew they had moved onto the street of their dreams!

Heather and her friends on Mulberry are endlessly working on projects to enhance their 1950s ranch- style homes. Wallpaper is a favorite design element they use to create charming spaces where they relax and unwind or gather with family and friends to make memories.

Heather is absolutely crazy about wallpaper, and passionate about helping clients select and install the perfect wallpaper for their homes and businesses, to create charming, inspiring and unique spaces where they will enjoy spending time.

The Mulberry Project offers the following services:




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