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Steph's Spotlight: Camelback Flowershop, Arcadia's Favorite Local Florist

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Hello Arcadia! Stephanie Tarr here to share my hands down favorite flower shop in Phoenix, Camelback Flowershop. Their dedication to timeless design and elevating everyday experiences through their floral arrangements is unmatched. I absolutely adore their fresh flowers by the stem, as well as their stunning floral designs that are sure to make any occasion special.

What sets Camelback Flowershop apart from other shops is their home and apothecary shop, where they feature the work of local artisans and unique finds from their travels. I always feel like I'm discovering something new and exciting whenever I stop by.

The team at Camelback Flowershop has such a discerning eye for design and gift options, and I love that they offer well-made, thoughtful gifts instead of just trendy items. It's clear that they care deeply about their community and providing the best possible products and customer service. No wonder they're a household name in Phoenix!

As a locally owned flower shop, Camelback Flowershop truly takes pride in every floral order they receive. Their team of talented designers carefully craft each seasonal custom arrangement with incredible attention to detail. And the fact that they offer same day flower delivery in Phoenix is just the cherry on top. Whenever I want to make someone's day or send a special thank you to my clients, I always call Camelback Flowershop at (602)-840-4646 to speak with one of their amazing designers. They truly are the best!

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