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Healthy and Convenient Meal Delivery

Updated: Apr 29, 2023



Hi, my name is John Stewart. I’m a proud Arcadia resident and the CEO and Co-founder of a company called Sunfare, where we prepare and deliver personalized, healthy meals to people across Phoenix/Scottsdale (as well as throughout greater Los Angeles). The meals we serve are highly dynamic in terms of how they can be made, so we can offer whatever someone might need to help them lose weight, meet a specific nutritional requirement, follow a certain diet, address a health or lifestyle issue, feed their family, reflect orders from a doctor or nutritionist, or just enjoy an easy way to eat right. Everything is made fresh daily in a local professional kitchen, and then delivered right to our clients’ homes in an insulated cooler. Our meals are absolutely delicious, come ready-to-eat (though they do need to be heated up in most cases), and don’t require any planning, shopping, cooking, or messy clean up. I’m often told that our clients love the convenience of the service almost as much as the health benefits!

My business partner and I started Sunfare in Los Angeles all the way back in 1997. At the time, we were both working in the fitness and nutrition industry – him as a personal trainer, and me as a meal planning consultant. Our clients were very interested in leading a healthy lifestyle, but despite their best intentions they never had the time or energy to consistently implement the nutrition side of their workouts, which is a such a huge part of success. This was our lightbulb moment - we saw an opening to leave the training behind and pivot into a full-service healthy meal provider, and here we are over 25 years later.

Locally speaking, we’ve been operating in the Valley since 2005, when I moved from L.A. to open our second Sunfare location. The people here have been so supportive of us and what we provide, and we’re just a great fit for a community like Arcadia, where everyone’s so active and engaged with what they have going on that sometimes maintaining that healthy way of eating can fall to the wayside. We offer a range of options for most any nutritional need, but around here I see the majority of people coming to us for our Fat Burn Diet, which is a high-intensity weight loss program where you can lean out quickly and lose about a pound a day. People tend to stay on that for 10 – 20 days, lose 10 – 20 lbs., then transition over to our Signature Diet (for months or even years in some cases!) to maintain their weight and enjoy amazing meal variety and customization. But regardless of which program someone chooses, our meals are high-end and packed with flavor across the board because we believe you should always love what you’re eating. Check out Sunfare at

On the personal side, my family and I moved into Arcadia in 2018 and have never felt so at home. For us it starts with being in such a family-oriented environment where people are so warm and welcoming, and new friends are easy to meet. From there it’s just an amazing place that’s filled with culture, amenities, natural beauty, and recreational opportunities. My two boys (River (7) and Benji (8)) go to Hopi Elementary and my wife (Candice) runs an anti-aging and aesthetics business called Stella Capri Wellness that also serves many Arcadia residents, so we’ve really settled in and feel very fortunate to be here. And of course, if I’m out walking the dog early in the morning, I might see a Sunfare van dropping off meals at a neighbor’s house. Knowing that my company plays a part in making their lives easier or healthier in some way is such a positive feeling, and I’m truly grateful for it.

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