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Steph’s Spotlight: Meet Mark Cosmas, renowned “Foot Guru” and former owner of iRun Sports

Mark Cosmas Co-Founder of Taylor's Run and Family
Mark Cosmas Co-Founder of Taylor's Run and Family

Many Arcadians are familiar with the annual run that takes place in Arcadia, “Taylor’s Run,” that has raised over $1 million dollars to date benefitting SIDS research. Mark Cosmas the co-founder of the race along with his wife Katie, was also known amongst locals as the owner of iRun Sports in the Arcadia Safeway complex. What most people may not know, is that even though Mark sold iRun to Sole Sports in September 2018, he still occupies space in the back of the store where he is saving feet, one pair of his specialty insoles at a time with his new company, Soleman Custom Orthotics.

Several years ago I was at a breaking point with my feet. My plantar fasciitis had gotten so bad it was affecting my quality of life and after several different treatments, I was actually considering surgery before the age of 40. It was before the holidays and I stumbled in to what was iRun at the time sort of aimlessly looking for a Christmas gift or two. I noticed the shop was a revolving door of what was clearly professional athletes, all of them heading to the back of the store. Curious by nature, I asked an employee what all the fuss was about and he explained that Mark, the owner, was fitting everyone for insoles. I was immediately struck with a severe case of FOMO (fear of missing out for those of you that do not have a teenager to teach you these things). I asked if I could also talk to Mark about these insoles that all the athletes seemed to have to have. In the middle of what was a very busy morning for him, Mark took the time to come out and talk with me. I told him about my feet woes and history with different doctors. He very a matter of factly told me my biggest problem was my current custom orthotics. He explained to me that in order to truly heal the feet, we have to change how they move, not simply prop it up with an orthotic. He looked at how I moved, scanned me on his magical machine, and told me that his inserts will retrain my feet and that for my specific case, I needed to drop the heel down and roll less to the inside. He assured me that in two months my plantar fasciitis would be gone. I had very little confidence after years of suffering and trying everything on the planet to no avail. But at that point, I was willing to try anything to avoid surgery. Mark could not have been more spot on. In two months, my plantar fasciitis was GONE and I have been his biggest fan girl ever since. He has helped my daughter since she was 13 and most recently helped my mom at the age of 71. I tell every single person who suffers with any foot ailments about Mark knowing that he can literally change the quality of people’s lives where Podiatrists have failed.

Some of the ailments he treats for include:

-plantar fasciitis

-severs disease (young athletes)


-flat feet

-hip and knee alignment

-bunion pain

-Neuroma and neuropathy

Some of the top orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists in the valley, send patients to Mark so they can avoid surgery and I am so grateful he saved me from that fate. To schedule a consultation Mark can be reached by cell at: (602) 524-8998 or by email at:

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