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Modern Wealth Management

Peter Helms and Stephen Harrison, owners of Exeter Financial are both longtime residents of Arcadia. They both have been involved with the Arcadia community for many years and will continue to be for decades to come. Their company information can be found here:

“The real value of partnering with Exeter Financial is that you will increase the certainty of achieving your total wealth management goals. We’ve accomplished this for others and we’ll achieve this for you.” said Mr. Harrison, Managing Partner of Exeter Financial.

We built our team, process, and platform based on the specific and unique needs of our clients — entrepreneurs, executives and family offices. Our clients desire:

  • Independent advice and full transparency—not a “product push”.

  • Integrated advice—customized planning based on all aspects of their financial situation. Analyzing both sides of their balance sheet, cash flow, tax and estate related issues.

  • Institutional processes–investment policy statement, financial and estate plan, philanthropic and charitable giving plan.

  • Customized reporting—integrating all financial assets regardless of where they are held.

  • Teams of highly experienced professionals that understand their unique set of issues and experiences.

At Exeter, we feel there are four key ingredients that differentiate us in the marketplace and are the foundation of why our clients have selected us as their trusted advisor. We call it the 4P’s (People, Process, Platform and Personal Attention). Contact us today for an opportunity to discuss your financial goals.

My family has always lived in Arcadia, says Peter Helms. My wife and our 3 daughters love the community, we could not imagine living anywhere else. You can usually find us out and about, walking our 2 dogs, on a bike ride or trying out one of the many amazing restaurants in Arcadia. Our favorite right now is Buck and Rider!

Investment Advisory Services provided by Exeter Financial LLC.

The Harrison Family

The Helms Family

Arcadia High School Graduation

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