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Phoenix's Trash Game Gets an Upgrade: Say Goodbye to Waiting

In the upcoming months, the City of Phoenix is set to implement changes to its bulk trash collection process. Commencing on September 30, residents will have the option to schedule bulk trash pick-up through an online platform, departing from the previous practice of relying on quarterly collection dates determined by geographical zones.

According to city authorities, this transition aims to offer residents greater flexibility in arranging pick-ups following projects, clean-up efforts, and adverse weather events. Additionally, the new system is expected to result in shorter durations for bulk trash piles being left out. By enabling drivers to optimize their routes based on scheduled pick-up requests, as opposed to combing through every street in search of trash piles, the city anticipates improved operational efficiency.

Certain blackout dates will be enforced around select holidays to accommodate logistical considerations. Despite these changes, residents will still be entitled to avail up to four bulk trash collections annually, reaffirms city officials. The fundamental guidelines pertaining to the placement of bulk trash and the specification of permitted and prohibited items will remain unchanged.

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