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Steph's Spotlight: Meet Shane Ocell, Owner of Mastodon Piercing Studio in Scottsdale

Shane Ocell, Owner of Mastodon Piercing Studio with Arcadia Resident, Sophie Tarr
Shane Ocell, Owner of Mastodon Piercing Studio with Arcadia Resident, Sophie Tarr

In 2019 I took my 11 year old to get her ears pierced as an early Christmas gift. I did a lot of research on local piercers that were highly experienced and had solid Google and Yelp! reviews. I decided on Shane Ocell, owner of Mastodon Piercing who has over 27 years of experience and has done over 30,000 piercings. I felt confident he would be worth the trip to Mesa. Albeit nervous, my daughter was so excited to FINALLY get her ears pierced. When we arrived we were greeted by Shane who was incredibly kind and professional and immediately involved my daughter in the process by walking us through his forms and the selection of jewelry. As we were going through our choices, he mentioned that my daughter’s ear lobes were on the smaller side and he wanted to mark her ears and talk about the best plan. In doing so, he actually recommended that we hold off on piercing until we speak with her pediatrician about potentially waiting for the next growth spurt. This news was crushing for an 11 year-old who had waited so long for this moment, but she knew she was in the hands of someone who truly cared about what was best for her and handled it like a champ. Well, a broken-hearted champ.

Three years later, and with the blessing of our pediatrician, we booked an appointment with Shane and were thrilled to see he moved his studio to Scottsdale. The only thing that changed was his location. Shane was his kind and professional self, once again walking my daughter through the process and coming up with a plan. His studio is completely private and by appointment only so his clients receive the benefit of the highest level of cleanliness and care. The amount of time he takes to be totally precise with his measurements and placement is exceptional. My daughter is thrilled with her results and I have referred many friends and clients who are equally happy. Piercings seem to be getting more popular these days, even with women in my demographic, and Shane is absolutely the only one I trust with the care of my family and friends!

To schedule your private consultation, Shane can be reached by cell at: (602) 770-7724 or email at: Follow him on instagram @mastodonpiercing.


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